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Cutting Edge AI and Machine Learning Software


What SOFI does for you

SOFI is proprietary AI software developed by mallowstreet specifically for the Pensions Investment Industry. Its models are based on the rich and unique dataset we hold from our years of online community and digital events. It was built to be a tool for asset managers to refine their ability to engage with investors and uncover greater insights from their discussions.

  • Helps you prepare for any pitch

    SOFI listens to your pitch and gives you objective, detailed and consistent feedback across a variety of key metrics. Before any pitch or presentation, SOFI can provide detailed feedback to make sure you are prepared.

  • Analyses how well you land key messages

    Trained to understand our industry, SOFI analyses the conversation and captures all relevant questions and comments.

  • Uncovers gold dust

    SOFI surfaces the hidden nuances of a conversation, identifying patterns and trends.

How SOFI works

Record and upload any conversation to SOFI for analysis. Whether a recording from Zoom, Teams, a Webinar or live via the SOFI mobile app, SOFI will analyse and provide instant feedback and insights – making you more relevant and consistent in all your interactions.

  • Use your mobile device to capture the conversation

    Record the conversation directly from your mobile device or upload an existing recording.

  • Leverage the power of AI

    Using a combination of proprietary and other industry leading AI models, SOFI generates a comprehensive array of metrics

  • Domain Expertise

    SOFI has a unique understanding of the institutional investment industry, and gets smarter every day.

  • Unique mallowstreet AI models

    Our proprietary sentiment and classification models are trained on unique industry data.

Why choose SOFI

SOFI helps to separate the signal from the noise, provides objective feedback and lets you focus on building relationships.

  • Rachel Perini, Jupiter Asset Management

    SOFI provides us with focused analysis of product messaging, and tells us if you are relevant to customers on the day. It captures all Q&A which enables tailoring in follow up discussions with investors. It is a great addition to our business.